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Muar Art Gallery

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LocationMuar Art Gallery
OfferingDisplay rack 1’ x 3’ - Mood Display                 
Limited to 9 Participants                 
Re-seller by Muar Art Gallery
Period6 months
DescriptionMuar Art Gallery is a Unique/Mixed Culture/Events/Tourists Spot in Tanjung Muar

We offering a mood display space in our exclusive corners, to educate the VIP/Visitors/Tourists, how our Malaysia culture foods are (Your company branding & Products). Of course Muar Art Gallery wish to become your re-seller and we will purchase from More info please click following link.

Requirements : 

  1. Halal Certify products by JAKIM 
  2. Priority open to Muar food Manufacturers 
  3. Minimum 5 cartons of product to Muar Art Gallery to cover space rented/promoter and sampling  to Visitors & Tourists. *we very grateful if you could sponsor more sample of products to us. 
  4. Quick & responsive delivery to Muar Art Galley when Tourists Group purchase.